This Footage Of 1967 'Wonder Woman' TV Pilot Is So Bad, People Actually Love It

Wonder Woman starring Isreali actress Gal Gadot opens in theaters this weekend and is expected to be a summer blockbuster hit. It has already garnered 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. But when it comes to film, Wonder Woman hasn't always been so lucky.

A TV pilot of Wonder Woman from fifty years ago is making rounds on the internet and it's soooo bad, some may even consider it a work of art!

(Image: DC Wiki)

(Image: DC Wiki)

'How do you get a husband flying around all the time?'

Starring Ellie Wood Walker as the lead and Maudie Prickett as the heroine's mother, this pilot never even made it to TV, and you'll see why. Though light on acting, the film is a tour de force in male chauvinism – a veritable time capsule from the Mad Men era.

It begins with Wonder Woman telling her mother, "This can’t wait, the nation needs Wonder Woman," to which the mother replies "And what about Wonder Woman? Does the nation care what she needs, like a fellow for example? How do you get a husband flying around all the time?"

You can almost picture the director, on set, smoking a Marlboro and knocking back a whiskey sour whilst directing the actress to "shake that ass."

Later in the film, around the 3:15 mark, things get so weird that the only possible explanation is everyone on set was high on acid. To be fair, it was the psychedelic 60s...

If nothing else, this short will give you a better appreciation for the present. Even with Donald Trump as president, climate change and the threat of mass extinction, you’ll be grateful you’re not living in 1967.

Wonder Woman did finally take off, in 1975, as a television show. Starring Linda Carter, the series ran for three years and was a quantum leap forward from the 1967 test pilot, but it too contained a treasure trove of cringe-worthy gems.

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