A Will Smith And Jazzy Jeff Rap Comeback Could Be On Its Way

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (aka Will Smith) and his faithful sidekick Jazzy Jeff have just unveiled plans for a musical comeback next year.

Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The duel threat broke the exciting news in a press conference with HipHop DX:

"I’ve been getting hyped about it. I’ve been full in the actor’s mind so me and Jeff start going out a little bit in the last six-to-eight months and we’ve been doing something.

"I just gotta find that lane; find that way back in. It’s a part of my heart. I love it."

Everything points to the result of these sessions being unveiled sometime next year, which will be twenty-five years after the release of Code Red, their last album together in 1993. One wonders if all this is linked to Smith's son Jaden and his recent show and the release of his first album, Syre.

Will Smith, Will Smith everywhere!

He might have been away from the music scene for a while, but Smith has been far from idle. Right now, he's back in the limelight thanks to the Aladin remake and Netflix' massive new production, Bright, out on Friday, December 22, in which he'll be playing police officer Daryl Ward.

Bright's hip-hop dominated soundtrack is also a tribute to Will Smith's musical past.

The news is not all that surprising, however, since Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff performed together on a new song, "Get it", at the LimeWire Festival in Blackpool, UK, this summer. 

So was it just a bit of fun, or will it feature on the upcoming album?