Watch The Dantean Trailer For The Final Season Of 'Gotham'

Fox took the opportunity at New York Comic-Con to reveal the XXL trailer for Season 5 of Gotham, which will also be the last in the series. With "A Dark Knight" as its sub-heading, there's no doubt that this final season will feature Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman. This event is likely to take place in the series finales, set several years after the civil war currently engulfing Gotham City. It's simple: the city of crime becomes a real no man's land, forcing Bruce to don his superhero cape. 

Season 5 of Gotham was inspired by the famous 1999 crossover, overseen by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and drawn by several major artists from the 2000s (Greg Land, Alex Maleev and Damion Scott to name but a few). The trailer runs through a catalog of the bad guys encountered by the GCPD and Bruce Wayne, from the Penguin to the Joker, including Mr. Freeze, the Scarecrow and Solomon Grundy.

The merry troop of villains will also be joined by the imposing Bane, formerly played by Tom Hardy in Christopher Nolan's trilogy and now played by Shane West (Salem, ER) in the series. We already know (spoiler warning for anyone who'd prefer the plot to remain a mystery) that the giant will break the back of one of the characters, just like in the Knightfall comics. Although for reasons which remain unknown to us, it won't be Batman but instead his butler, Alfred Pennyworth…

The bloody battle for Gotham City will see the city divided into several districts in Season 5, each controlled by a faction of bad guys. Captain Gordon, his colleague Inspector Bullock and their unit will be completely overwhelmed by the violence and carnage which are rampant in the city. The strength and determination of a real hero like the Black Knight will be required to restore order. The final season of Gotham is expected in the US at the beginning of 2019, while Bruno Heller, the showrunner of the series, continues to work on the new Batman prequel focusing on Alfred Pennyworth.