Watch Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Rock Out To Nirvana's 'Lithium'

Serving as the surprise Netflix hit of summer, Stranger Things has been welcomed into the hearts of many thanks to its loveable Goonies-esque group of friends, nostalgic soundtrack, and of course the scare-factor.

Now one of the young actors, Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler, posted a video of himself not rocking out to the 8os jam "Should I Stay or Should I Go" but instead jamming along to Nirvana's "Lithium".

Sharing the clip over Twitter of himself playing the tune on an unplugged guitar, it does make you wonder what it might be like if Stranger Things gets the opportunity to continue throughout the years. Would we eventually see an older Mike Wheeler enjoying his first Nirvana concert?

After the positive reaction from fans to both the show and Finn's guitar-playing skills the actor asked for song suggestions for his future cover videos, saying that his next effort would most likely be "About A Girl".

Speaking about the future of the show, which has yet to be officially renewed for season two, creators the Duffer Brothers said they hope to continue the show in a 'Harry Potter format' following the actors year on year as they get older.

Entertainment Weekly reports Matt Duffer saying:


“The dream is a Harry Potter situation.”


This would mean that the younger contingent of the Stranger Things cast would grow up on our screens, continuing to explore the Upside Down.

There's been no official word on when or if Stranger Things will be back for season two, here's hoping Netflix don't make the big mistake of axing such a great series.

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