Watch: Marilyn Manson Is Posting Terrifying Videos On Instagram

Most artists use social media to communicate with their fans. It makes them appear more accessible when they show their daily lives, and of course, they can curate everything to fit their personal brand.

On Instagram, it's usually photos and videos of what they are doing and seeing, images from their latest vacation or their current film set. But Marilyn Manson is not just any artist and right now his Instagram looks a lot more like a teaser for American Horror Story than an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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For his 1.6 million followers, Marilyn Manson, who made fear an art in and of itself, has concocted a series of scary videos. They're all filmed at night, and almost nothing is visible except the occasional illuminated double cross, a symbol that appears frequently in his work.

So it's all about the set up and the implicit tension. You hear things like end-of-the-world sirens and people screaming in the background. The camera pulls hurried zooms and jerks around as if its being held by an amateur.

The person behind the camera sometimes begins running as if they were being followed, Blair Witch-style. And to end on the scariest possible note, one video posted on April 17 reveals a dark human form, completely immobile in the middle of a road.

All we know for sure is if music doesn't work out for Marilyn Manson, he could always transition into being a horror film director.

6:19. The time has come.

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