Watch Carrie Fisher's First Audition For Princess Leia With Harrison Ford

Since Carrie Fisher's death on Tuesday aged 60, Star Wars fans have been in star-shaped mourning. But remembering the icon (best known for her stunning rendition of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise) and her achievements is not going amiss.

Fisher fans are sharing the actress and writer's very first audition tape for the role of Princess Leia, which proves she nailed it from the start. The clip shows a 19-year-old Fisher reading off her lines with Harrison ford, who played Hans Solo in the films.

(Photo: Lucasfilms)

(Photo: Lucasfilms)

Incredibly confident, Fisher speaks to Ford seemingly as Leia. She's poised, powerful and independent. In the audition, one of her lines reads:

"When R2 has been safely delivered to my forces, you'll get your reward, you have my guarantee."

There was obviously immediate chemistry between the two actors. It was revealed by Fisher earlier this year in her latest memoir The Princess Diarist that the two actually had a secret relationship for three months in 1976. Fisher was only 19 while Ford was 33 and married with two children. “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend," the actress told PEOPLE in a follow-up interview to the book.

(Photo: NBC)

(Photo: NBC)

What is usually overlooked is the fact it was with the help of Fisher that Princess/General Leia didn't adhere to the 'damsel in distress' trope that, until the time, nearly all on-screen female characters adhered to. Fisher reportedly was the one to secure Leia's powerful and strong characteristics, who often got herself, and others, out of sticky situations.

While Fisher certainly had other talents (she was a fantastic author and a proficient script-writer) she won't be forgotten as the cinema world's Princess.

Watch Carrie Fisher's audition for Princess Leia below.

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