Migos x Nicki Minaj x Cardi B 'Motorsport' Video Has Landed


UPDATED on December 8, 2017:

The painstaking wait for Migos' x Nicki Minaj's x Cardi B's "Motorsport" is over! You can now watch it online for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

Original article below:

Another day, another phenomenon taking over Twitter. Today that phenomenon comes in the form of the highly anticipated music video for Migos' x Nicki Minaj's x Cardi B's "Motorsport."

On October 26th, Migos performed at Powerhouse 2017 in New York City where they previewed the track to the audience live for the first time. The following day the track officially hit the web and believe me, fans were shook

A collaboration between the hottest group of 2017 alongside the reigning queen of hip-hop and the rising queen is a big deal for hip-hop heads invested in the scene. Not only was this a major collective move for recently engaged couple Cardi B and Migos' Offset, this was a huge collab that silenced the beef everyone wanted to happen between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

In the days following the tracks release, the artists have been dropping hints at an accompanying music video release. Cardi B even explicitly promised the video would make a December 1 debut, but unfortunately was delayed due to unknown circumstances. 

Now, it seems like the circumstances were merely business-related, as the music video has officially been released. It dropped December 5 internationally, but just made its US debut today. There's one catch though...

As it would only make sense to monetize the living hell out of all this hype, it turns out fans can only watch the high octane high definition video on Apple Music and Tidal. Unfortunately for those without a subscription to either, the next best thing is reveling in the screen grabs and iPhone shot videos of the release. 

Naturally, after getting a peek of what the artists are working with – particularly Ms. Minaj and Cardi – reactions have been off the wall, even crashing the #Motorsportvideo hashtag on Twitter due to over-activity. Catch some of the best reactions below: