Netflix's Exciting New Series About The Trojan Wars Shares First Photos

Netflix is busy preparing exciting new series for 2018 and beyond, things like The Spy and Black Earth Rising. They are also working on a "sword-and-sandals" epic costume drama, Troy: Fall of a City, about, you will have guessed, the legendary Greek mythology war.

This massive project in eight parts is co-produced by the BBC and shows that the streaming platform is looking into diversifying its catalog and shake up the old cinematic genres a bit (as they did with the superb westernGodless).

(Photo: BBC/Netflix)

The BBC has unveiled a few production shots of the new series, showing, for instance, David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher in Shameless) as Priam, King of Troy (Frances O’Connor will be his Queen, Hecube).

The second photo shows Achilles, played by David Gyasi (Interstellar). This attempt at diversity might upset white people historians, but then again, the son of Peleas and Thetis being a mythological hero, a bit of creative license is allowed. Lastly, we get a glimpse of Helen and Paris, respectively played by Bella Dayne (Humans) and Louis Hunter (The Fosters).

Shooting is already on the way in The Cape, South Africa and – cherry on top – the series is showrunned by David Farr, creator of The Night Manager.

The war will be seen from the perspective of the Trojan's royal family during the siege by the Spartan and Mycenian armies lead by Melenas and his brother Agamemnon

Piers Wenger, BBC Program Manager, promised that "Troy: Fall Of A City will be like nothing broadcast before; a 3,000-year-old tale crafted on a huge scale, ready to enthrall and capture the imaginations of BBC One viewers as if it were being told for the very first time." Unfortunately, he forgot to give us a release date...

(Photo: BBC/Netflix)

(Photo: BBC/Netflix)