Trolls Mock 'Ghost In The Shell' For Whitewashing With Hilarious Memes

Since the first images from Ghost in the Shell were posted, the internet has been going wild with criticism for casting Scarlett Johansson in the lead role. According to many fans, the film's heroine Motoko Kusanagi should be played by a Japanese actress.

In protest, internet users have decided to mock the promo site which just went up a few days ago, condemning the film makers for whitewashing.


Not everyone is pleased with Scarlett Johansson being cast in Ghost in the Shell.

The site is formatted as a kind of meme generator, where users can put the film's slogan "I am hunted. I am the hunter. I am coming for them. I am Major" onto a photo.

Fans can also write their own captions by filling in the sentence with whatever makes them unique. This is what led many who were displeased with the casting choice to create a multitude of hilarious memes. Check out some of our favorites below:

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