Toys "R" Us Is Pulling Toy Guns From Shelves In France

Could this be the end of (fake) weapon sales? France Info reports that managers of French Toys “R” Us stores have been asked to stop selling toy weapons until further notice, following the Paris terror attacks a week ago today.

Around 50 items could be taken off shelves, including toy pistols, ammo, and fluorescent orange and green machine guns (batteries not included). Manager of Toys “R” Us' Limoges branch told French radio "We received orders to retract all toy weapons until things calm down."

So it looks as though French residents planning on buying a Star Wars Bazooka for their nephew's Christmas this year might run into a bit of trouble, though it's still possible to buy the forbidden items on the company's website

The company's main competitors in France, La Grande Récré and Joué Club, did not want to comment on the subject when reached by Konbini. Joué Club spoke of "discussions with management" that it did not wish to comment on, while La Grande Récré "would not take a stance on the subject". Neither have taken toy weapons off their shelves.

Une arme factice en vente chez Toys "R" Us. (Source : Toys "R" Us)

Toys "R" Us toy weapon. (Source: Toys "R" Us)

Une arme factice en vente chez Toy "R" Us. (Source : Toys "R" Us)

Toy "R" Us weapon. (Source: Toys "R" Us)

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