Topshop To Drop A 'Stranger Things' Mini-Collection This Weekend

Here comes a one-time team-up that will delight both TV series lovers and fashion addicts: on 20 October, Topshop will be dropping a Stranger Things mini-collection online and in a few selected outlets (including their flagship store in London).

(Image: Topshop)

It's gonna be hard deciding which one to get: there's sweatshirts, T-shirts, caps, rucksacks and lunch boxes, all stamped with a seriously retro 80s look. A couple of weeks ago, it was Louis Vuitton's turn to succumb to the vintage charm of the series by the Duffer Brothers.

(Image: Topshop)

Prices are being kept reasonable (between $25 and $40), which means you can easily treat yourself to a T-shirt featuring the Hawkins gang and still have enough dosh left over for a Barb top and a lunchbox. You can check out the whole collection here.

If you want to go for the whole Topshop x Stanger Things experience though, you'll have to fly to London. The Topshop store in Oxford Circus will be converted into a Stranger Things portal, where you can visit key locations such as the Upside Down, Hawkin’s Lab, Will Byer’s den and the Arcade...

Topshop will also be organizing a draw with tickets giving access to a back to back binge-watch of the entire season two.

(Image: Topshop)

Season 2 of Stranger Things will start on Netflix on October 27.