Thom Yorke Reveals An Initial Extract From The Soundtrack For The New 'Suspiria'

Whereas Jonny Greenwood is something of a regular in the cinema world, collaborating on There Will Be BloodInherent Vice, and more recently, Phantom Thread, until recently he was the only member of Radiohead to have tried his hand at movie soundtracks. The group had tried to put together a track for the last James Bond movie  but without success.

This has all changed now that Thom Yorke, the inimitable singer of the British group, has created the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Suspiria, a remake of Dario Argento's cult horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino. With some fans almost more eager to hear the album than to see the movie, the musician has just given us a glimpse of his latest project. 

On September 4, Yorke released "Suspirium", an initial extract from the soundtrack, on his YouTube channel. Illustrated by an animated video with a dance theme (the main focus of the movie), the track is really quite classical: it's a sublime piano ballad over which we hear Thom Yorke's tortured voice.

The soundtrack for the original film, especially terrifying and contributing in large part to the impact it had on audiences, was created by Goblin. We're keen to see how Yorke has adapted his music to the horror genre. The musician said several weeks ago that he had been inspired by the work of Vangelis on the Blade Runner soundtrack. That makes it sound all the more appealing…

Suspiria will be released in theaters on November 14.

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