'This Is Us' Drops Emotional Teasers For Season 2

This Is Us, the hit series no one saw coming in 2016, was quickly renewed for an eagerly expected second season. Well, the first teasers, showing short sequences from different timelines, are here and they don’t disappoint. The Pearson family is back and season 2 should be an opportunity to see how Kate, Kevin and Randall’s lives have evolved.

As far as we know, season two explores the new challenges the characters are now facing. Kevin will try to get his career back on track and renew with the love of his life, while Kate will face the daunting challenge of trying to break as a singer. The teasers also hint that there’s trouble brewing between her and Toby, as it looks like he’s getting jealous of her friendship with her twin brother. As for Randall, he’s about to adopt a child and that’s not all that easy.

This Is Us season two will launch on September 26 on NBC.