The First Images From Harmony Korine’s Next Film Promises Great Things

We expected nothing less of Harmony Korine. The little prince of American independent cinema, who began his career as a screenwriter for Larry Clark (think Kids) and made the excellent – albeit controversial – Spring Breakers in 2012, has quite the treasure up his sleeve.

Beach Bum, which we’ve been looking forward to ever since its release was announced, seems set to be exactly what you might imagine from a Korine film: strange and surprising. Following the photos snapped several months ago of Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey on the film set, two new shots are now circulating on the internet: one taken by Efron several days ago, and another of Korine in person while he appears to be working on the sound mix for the film.

With an incredible cast (Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence and Jonah Hill will also feature according to IMDB) and wacky costumes, there’s no doubt about it: Beach Bum is going to look just like a Harmony Korine film – you remember James Franco in Spring Breakers, right?

We don’t know much more for the moment: the synopsis is very vague (the film follows a stoner who answers to Moondog, played by McConaughey, who is “living his life”), and no release date has yet been announced.

There’s little more information to be found even in the darkest depths of the internet. Reddit tells us nothing, except that the film was partly filmed in Key West, an island town right in the south of Florida – which makes sense, at it forms part of the director’s "Florida" trilogy, after Spring Breakers.

So try and stay patient: it’s sure to be worth it in the end.

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