'The Crown' Season Two Trailer Sees The Royal Family In Crisis

In the 1960s, Britain underwent a youth-driven cultural revolution driving major changes in society, music and fashion. But while the Swinging Sixties were in full force – accompanied by James Bond's arrival on the big screen and the Beatles' rise to stardom – the monarchy was in pretty poor shape. 

Nothing seemed to be going right within the royal family with mounting tensions rumbling through the halls of Buckingham Palace. After taking us through the Second World War in season one, Netflix's The Crown is getting ready to tackle this tricky period for its second chapter, as this latest trailer reveals.

This time around, we'll see Queen Elizabeth take drastic measures in an attempt to reestablish the monarchy's power following a series of disasters, from her armed forces fighting an illegal war in Egypt to the devastating scandal of her third prime minister Harold Macmillan.

In the ten new episodes, we'll see Elizabeth II meet John F. Kennedy (Michael C. Hall) and wife Jackie (Jodi Balfour). We'll also be meeting Antony Armstrong-Jones, the husband and photographer of Princess Margaret. 

This is the last season we'll see Claire Foy as the queen with Olivia Colman set to take over for seasons three and four. 

Season two of The Crown is expected to drop on December 8 on Netflix.