Gorillaz Say New Album Should Be Coming Next Year

UPDATED on December 20, 2017:

It's been almost 20 years since Gorillaz first formed, and fans still can't get enough of its mesmerizing alt-rock and trip-hop sound. After the release of their fifth album, Humanz, which immediately shot the band back to chart tops, it seems like at least one new project is in the works for 2018.

Back in September, in an interview with the Q magazine, Damon Albarn played with the idea of a new album saying, "I really like the idea of making new music and playing it live almost simultaneously. It will be a more complete record than The Fall but hopefully have that spontaneity."

The Fall was released back in 2011 and we haven't heard from the band for full six years until last April when Humanz came out so the excitement is justified. The rumors were solidified by Jamie Hewlett, who said:

"We’re going straight into the album with no break. Usually we have a good five-year break between each album but we decided: 'You know what? Let’s keep going' because there’s ideas for a few more albums so we’re going to go straight into that. So that will be all of next year and probably the year beyond that."

Easy to say – we can't wait!

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Original article below:

One-man mega group Gorillaz has been entertaining audiences for nearly 20 years, and still, fans can't get enough of the alt rock, trip hop sound. With five beloved albums under the group's belt, we just got tuned into the news that another might be well on its way.

Mastermind behind the group, Damon Albarn, recently spoke with Q Magazine where he let some exciting news slip. On the topic of possibly releasing new music following the conclusion of his current world tour, as reported by NME, Albarn said: 

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“I really like the idea of making new music and playing it live almost simultaneously. It will be a more complete record than The Fall, but hopefully have that spontaneity.” 

Gorillaz last album titled Humanz just came in April of this year, after a six year gap following 2011's The Fall. While sporadically releasing music has been Albarn's style for some time, it looks like he could have new release plans in mind. 

Albarn also touched on the future of Gorillaz performances, looking forward to completing the concept of having fully-holographic, humanoid members perform on stage in the near, near future.

“We’ve been discussing ideas for a new kind of live show. If we’re going to do more with Gorillaz we don’t want to wait seven years because, y’know, we’re getting on a bit now. We’re excited but we need to get these shows finished first. You never know what’s around the corner.”

This is an exciting time to be a Gorillaz fan, so we have our fingers crossed that new and unexpected projects will be coming at us from every angle.