Studio Ghibli's Founder Hayao Miyazaki Is Officially Out Of Retirement

Studio Ghibli's founder Hayao Miyazaki – the man behind the entire planet's obsession with anime – is officially coming out of retirement.

Hayao Miyazaki (Image: Studio Ghibli)

Hayao Miyazaki (Image: Studio Ghibli)

In an interview with Asia's most prominent news source, Kyodo News, the Spirited Away director finally confirmed that he's working on a new feature film.

But it comes as no 'real' surprise. Hayao is said to have "retired" at least six times before announcing his latest retirement back in 2012. Last year, there was even a bunch of speculation about a supposed comeback. And now...

The film is believed to have derived from a short animation Hayao had intended for the Ghibli Museum called Kemushi no Boro (Boro the Caterpillar). He's been working on it for 20 years and expects to finish it in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

There is little else known about the film but a few potential screenshots have been spotted on Twitter and there are videos which show some exclusive clips (which you can watch below).

Hayao founded Studio Ghibli in 1985 and has been behind its most celebrated films, from My Neighbor Totoro to Howl's Moving Castle. And in 2003 he won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film with Spirited Away.

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