Stranger Things' Finn Pays Homage To Fallen Pets In The New PUP Video

Toronto-born punk quartet PUP are known for their compelling videos.

In 2014 the Canadian musicians released the cinematic masterpiece for the title track "Guilt Trip" from their first self-titled record.

It starred a sadistic Finn Wolfhard (Will Byers from Stranger Things) and tells a dramatic tale of how the band were formed following the fatal shooting of a police officer.

And this week the four-piece shared their latest video for “Sleep in the Heat” – from the Polaris Prize-shortlisted album The Dream Is Over.

The three-minute video continues this saga. It sees a mature Finn as a touring vagabond who is forced to deal with the loss of a loved one after he takes in a sick pup.

It's a heart-wrenching tale set three years after the first instalment – so get the tissues.

Frontman Stefan Babcock wrote the song after his pet chameleon passed on, and the video serves as something of a homage to the all-too-familiar demise of our beloved pets.

In an interview with Vulture Finn said he once took a two-hour trip from his home in Vancouver to go see PUP play a show in Seattle.

The Stranger Things actor also explains how he learned the songs and played the guitar in the video.

Finna has also filmed a number of bedroom covers, which include Mac DeMarco and Nirvana tracks.

PUP kickstarted their gold-standard filmmaking in 2013 with their video for "Reservoir" – a gruesome, zombie-like thriller which saw the band stabbed, beaten and killed by a rabid audience.

You can watch the prequel to their latest video below.

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