Stephen Colbert's New Animated Series Taking On The Trump Administration Unveils First Teaser

It all began during the Late Show, hosted by Stephen Colbert. As well as satirical sketches, he started showing short animations about the eventful day to day life of Donald Trump's administration. After a while, Colbert and TV producer Chris Licht realized they had enough material for a fun and scathing animated series.

He then sold the idea to Showtime and voilà: Our Cartoon President will be out in February after season seven of Homeland, for a full "White house Sunday."

This small teaser shows Donald Trump clumsier than ever, struggling to reach the lectern, surrounded by his incompetent team: Eric Trump, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell.

The series will be following the everyday life of President Trump, echoing whatever is happening on the US political scene at the time, either in the actual Oval Office or in his private life. Imagine Dallas transposed to Washington and you won't be far off. 

Our Cartoon President will be launched on Showtime from February 11, 2018.