This Trick For Making Star Wars-Inspired Names Makes Absolute Sense


With Star Wars: The Last Jedi landing in movie theaters, the internet is awash with news, comments, memes and many many different things surrounding the franchise.

One part of the discussion touches on the movie characters – the new feature introduced at least a couple of new faces, one of which was reportedly inspired by a Beastie Boys song. And if there's one thing that sets Star Wars' characters apart from the rest it's definitely their names.

Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kylo Ren, Han Solo – according to Star Wars writers themselves, coming up with names for the franchise is like writing poetry and involves many exercises like playing with syllables, taking bits from people's names or drawing inspiration from baby name books. But we might've found an easier alternative...

UK-based graphic designer Olly Moss took to Twitter to share his ingenious idea of coming up with Star Wars-esque names, and the trick is simply randomly breaking up the name of your favorite pasta dish. "Mine is Carb Onara," Moss tweeted.

Followers immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started sharing their own pasta-inspired Star Wars names coining everything from Ravi Oli to Fett Ucine. Read some of the best responses below: