The 'Star Wars' Cast Tell Jimmy Kimmel About The Moment They Got Their Parts

The Star Wars cast gathered around the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday to talk about the moments they learned that yes, they'd gotten the part.

(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

Daisy Ridley was watching a play at the time ("and it was Oedipus Rex, so it was long"), and she wasn't allowed to tell her date to the theater about the news.

Adam Driver was wrapping up the second season of Girls when he got a call to meet J.J. Abrams. "Then it was just months of meeting and weighing it and taking time considering it, and then jumping on board," he said.

John Boyega agonized for seven months before getting the part, joking that he was waiting in a basement the whole time. He got an email to go meet Abrams in Mayfair in London, where he got the news firsthand. "It was a good day," Boyega said.

"I went home and I was like, 'Dad, I've just been cast in Star Wars,'" the actor said, before doing an impression of his father. "'Oh my god, you are in Star Wars? That is fantastic, I knew it! ... What is Star Wars?'"

Jimmy Kimmel's show also screened the same short but uninterrupted clip we saw at the AMAs, featuring Rey and Finn shortly after the two meet on the planet of Jakku.

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