Spike Lee Might Direct The New 'Nightwatch' Spider-Man Spin-Off

Sometimes the never-ending expansion of the Marvel comics universe is a good thing. Especially when our favorite actors and directors get involved in the Hollywood scene to our great surprise. 

We're thinking Samuel L. Jackson (Iron Man, Captain America: First Avenger, etc.) and Edgar Wright – even though Wright was more or less banned from the production of Ant-Man.

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But this time, the rumors are pointing to Spike Lee and his Spider-Man spin-off, Nightwatch. Yep, we're talking about the director of Inside ManMalcolm X, and Do The Right Thing.

Jeff Sneider, a journalist who specializes in Hollywood gossip, is the one who dropped this particular bomb in a recent podcast.

The character first appeared in 1993 in the pages of Web of Spider-Man #99, as Doctor Kevin Trench.

After being attacked by the invisible Camouflage Cadre, the scientist is saved by Nightwatch. After the battle, Nightwatch dies, and when Dr. Trench pulls off his mask, he discovers that his savior is none other than himself, a few years in the future.

After that, he decides to recover his costume and decides to start fighting terrorism. This character was supposed to appear in Spider-Man Homecoming, but the idea was eventually dropped.

So now is the perfect time for Sony to pick up the storyline and develop it into an entirely new project.

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