The Simpsons Predicted Lady Gaga's Show At The Super Bowl

A philosophy professor explained recently that The Simpson's knack for predicting the future (like Donald Trump's rise to power) mostly had to do with fortunate coincidences, but also with the format of the series, which has always mixed fact with fiction and pop culture, resulting in a sadly realistic form of satire.

The most recent evidence of Matt Groening and company's talent for predicting the future: Lady Gaga's show at the Super bowl on Sunday, February 5 had an air of deja-vu for fans of The Simpsons. And with good reason: the pop star's sequence flying through the air had already been imagined in the show five years earlier, in the episode "Lisa Goes Gaga" in 2012.

As several Twitter users noted, the singer wore the same type of extravagant outfit (but no need to freak out too much, this has been her style from the beginning) and flew through the air above the crowd on the show. But in The Simpsons version, her breasts shoot fire works Madonna style. Cool.

Sure, we can say The Simpsons' mix of reality with fiction allows the writers to come up with this kind of happy accident from time to time – bravo, guys. Or maybe Lady Gaga drew inspiration from the show on purpose. Art imitates life, right? Or life imitates art?

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