'The Simpsons' Latest Couch Gag Is The Show's Most Morbid Yet

You'd be forgiven for thinking that The Simpsons latest couch gag was part of a Treehouse of Horror episode or created by a particularly sinister guest animator. But no, the show's creators have apparently just gone rogue with this uncharacteristically morbid sequence.

Aired on November 14, episode 7 of season 28 opened up with one of the most tragic opening gags in Simpsons' history. In it, we see Homer accidentally ingest the carbon rod at the power plant, Lisa gets a saxophone to the head as she leaves band practice; and Marge and Maggie reach equally devastating ends after the baby loses control of the wheel...

In the end, Bart alone arrives home safe and sound – albeit with a broken skateboard. Settling down on the sofa surrounded by photos of his deceased family, he smiles triumphantly and announces "Finally I get the remote".

Why so dark, Simpsons?! Tune in on Sunday via Fox to see if everyone's favorite yellow family can be brought back from the dead.

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