Sign Up For A Film Music Masterclass With Hans Zimmer

At a time when one can find an online tutorial for virtually anything, Hans Zimmer himself is ready to play the game. "Music is my language, my means of communication", we can read on his Facebook page. There we can also find a link to a promo video about his online masterclass.

The German composer, now one of Hollywood's most renowned musicians, has created a few of the most beautiful movie soundtracks ever, from Rain Man to Interstellar via The Lion King, True Romance, Inception and even blockbusters such as Amazing Spider man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Man of Steel to the most recent Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice.

A masterclass by a self-made composer

The composer who has only taken a few music theory lessons and who apparently cannot read music,  proposes around thirty pedagogic videos to learn film scoring.

You can already pre-register for the courses that start early 2017 and it will cost you  around $90. Of course, if you’re into this kind of thing, these workshops are really priceless though. Apprentices can also download an eBook, in which all of Zimmer’s tricks and advice are written down.

And in order to convince skeptics, he even goes on saying that even you could be composing the next legendary film score with the help of a simple computer or even a smartphone. OK, he’s telling you that anyone can do it, but then again, not everyone can do it like Hans Zimmer does.

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