'The OA' Season 2 Will Start Shooting In January 2018

In 2016, Netflix added The OA to its catalog on the sly, and what a nice surprise that was. Deliberately ambiguous, Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling's series ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the fate of the central character open. 

(Photo: Netflix)

We all remember the school canteen shooting and the weird dance scene. And then no news about season two for over a year.

Do not fret though: Brit Marling herself has just announced that production will start in January. This also means, unfortunately, that we're not going to be reunited with Prairie and her friends before some time yet.

The tweet shows Brit facing the paper version of the scripts for the next eight episodes. If we are to believe the photo, the fourth episode of season two is entitled "Syzygy". This astronomical term means a conjunction or an opposition of planets (kind of like an eclipse), but also a series of connected events.

This could show that Netflix' most mindfuck series will pursue its cosmic trip angle. In the meantime, let's rejoice that the whole first season of The OA is available right now on Netflix.