Remember When Ross From 'Friends' Predicted Black Mirror's 'San Junipero'?

If Friends were still going in 2017, we're sure Ross would delight in telling his five buddies "I told you so," right about now.

Netflix has just shared a clip entitled "The One Where Ross Invents San Junipero," proposing the mind-blowing theory that the fictional paleontologist actually had the idea for the Black Mirror episode years ago.

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You may remember that during one of his infamously 'boring' speeches, aimed in this case at Chandler then Joey's 'hot roommate' Janine (Elle Macpherson), Ross mentioned the possibility of living in a computer-generated reality. 

As the scientist explained, by the year 2030 computers would be so advanced that we'd theoretically be able to download all our thoughts and memories and "live forever as a machine." The scene culminated in the usual round of canned laughter, but almost two decades on (eek) and the idea actually doesn't sound that funny. 

In fact, it's basically the plot to some of the most unforgettable TV in recent years. So is Charlie Brooker hiding his true source of inspiration? Check out the clip below: