Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Shares A Candid Response To Body Shaming Comments


Those familiar with Riverdale and its cast will surely recognize Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper, played by Lili Reinhart, an otherwise sweet, wholesome girl that appears to have a slightly more sinister alter-ego, aka Dark Betty.

The character recently appeared in a scene where she stripped in front of her mom, dad, boyfriend and the rest of the gang at a seedy bar and practiced her pole-dancing moves to a sensual rendition of a Tears for Fears song.

The scene, albeit kind of confusing, has earned Betty a lot of unwanted attention from online haters, particularly targeting her body.

People started sharing a composite image of a model donning the same lingerie as Lili Reinhart's character did in the show. The posts were usually asking to compare the two women and which one "wore it better" or "looks hotter" in the shot. Tired of the hurtful and incredibly offensive comments, the actress took to social media and addressed the haters in a candid Tumblr post that you can read below: