Watch 'Rick And Morty' Murder A Character In A Commercial For Old Spice


Almost a month after the season four finale, we're still adjusting to the gaping great Rick and Morty-shaped hole in our lives. Basically, we'll take whatever we can get at this point and Adult Swim is happily obliging with a few brief snippets to keep us going.

The latest clip shared on the network's Facebook page is, strangely enough, an advertisement for Old Spice containing a pretty dark Easter egg for fans.

(via giphy)

In the ad, we see Rick bust into Morty's room with a bunch of human-sized deodorants while reading out a script and counting that sweet commercial cash.

But eagle-eyed fans will notice that one of the deodorants – Swagger, they call him – opens up Morty's desk and pulls out a camera... before throwing it into one of the other cans' mouths.

Of course, it was no ordinary object but Butterbot, a little robot from season one whose sole purpose was to pass the butter. RIP, little buddy.