Relive Your 90s Childhood With This New Nerf Gun For Grown-Ups

Bop It, Gameboy Color and Tamagotchis... few things signify the 90s quite like the toys we used to play with. Now the people behind Nerf guns, those plastic air-pressure shooters your brother used to chase you around the yard with, have announced a version for adults.

Clearly designed to tap into the nostalgia felt by many 20-somethings, the new models have all the retro appeal of the original guns. The updates can also fire their projectiles at impressive speeds.

The colorful toys are available in two separate models: the single-shot Apollo, with a clip that feeds through the handle, and the Zeus, which is motorized and shoots upwards of 70 mph.

(Photo: BlasterLabs)

(Photo: BlasterLabs)

You may be thinking: why on earth would any self-respecting adult want to buy one of these, you're clearly forgetting the popularity of activities such as paintball and bonding games like 'escape the room'.

The new and improved Nerf gun models will begin shipping from August 22, though pre-orders at Toys'R'Us have already sold out.

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