Premiere: Stealth Sounds Like The New Black Keys In "I Don't Need Your Love"

During the 2000s rock revival, the country was split between two bands. Some liked the fashion-friendly, smart and Television-inspired sound of The Strokes. Others preferred the louder, more bluesy stuff of Detroit rockers The White Stripes. In the mean time, another highly popular group was gently blossoming.

Formed in Ohio in 2001, The Black Keys gave blues-rock purists and their descendants a band to adore. Warmer than Jack White, the duo's music was more straightforward, a compilation of no frills tunes that always had that walk in the woods feeling.

The band later reached a more mainstream audience with their 6th LP, out in 2010, featuring the hit "Tighten Up." Some 3,660 miles from Akron, Ohio, a young man with Morrissey's haircut and a thick black leather jacket was consciously or not under The Black Keys' spell.

(Photo: Stealth/ Facebook)

(Photo: Stealth/ Facebook)

Growing up in Birmingham, the artist known as Stealth started studying music and drumming when he was 9. The son of a retired firefighter and a project manager, the 24-year-old has with no doubt studied Patrick Carney's game, but also weirded inherited Dan Auerbach's tone of voice.

His newest single, "I Don't Need Your Love", sounds immediately familiar.

The heated tune comes off as an instant classic, and maybe like a mainstream hit The Black Keys might never really get. Since every popular track also needs a snappy video with an eloquent theme, the clip shows the singer walking along on a wet sidewalk to an AA meeting.

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