'The Powerpuff Girls' Are Getting A Mysterious Fourth Member

Over 20 years after the first episode aired, The Powerpuff Girls is getting a bit of a shake up – Cartoon Network has just announced that although three might be the magic number, the girls are getting a fourth member. 

Ahead of the iconic show's revival, the fourth member has been teased by no more than a silhouette before the premiere episode of the five-part movie event, The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four, airing later this month.

However, despite there being no official physical description for the new addition from Cartoon Network, fans on Twitter immediately found out more about the fourth Powerpuff Girl and began the celebrations welcoming the new recruit... or so they think.

Naturally, as the image was shared so close to the announcement of a new character, it's easy to jump to conclusions. Fans have since been welcoming the new Powerpuff Girl, breaking the pattern of icing-sugar-white miniature heroes with dark skin and blue hair. 

Although this would indeed be cause for celebration - there's no denying the presumed new recruit looks pretty cool – at this stage we may all need to slow down: the image is in fact no more than some really convincing fan art. 

Its origins still remain somewhat unclear, with some claiming the image was leaked by CN Russia, and others convincing themselves and everyone else that it is tangible proof of long-awaited diversity for the show. 

Cartoon Network is yet to release an official statement on the possible resemblance of this alleged new Powerpuff Girl.

While this image of the new character is debatable, South African musician Toya Delazy has just released a photo of herself in the Powerpuff Girls recording studio – adding further speculation as to the final look of the fourth member by confirming her real upcoming involvement. 

So, while you can join the Twitter celebrations now for the potentially blue-haired brown-skinned badass new Powerpuff Girl, it may be worth waiting these extra ten days - just to be sure.