This Pokémon-Simpsons Character Mashup Is Bananas

British designer Nick Thompson is a huge fan of cartoons, and he brought two of his favorite animated shows together with a mash-up of characters from Pokémon and The Simpsons.

Thanks to Thompson, there's now a Pikachu Bart, a Charizard Burns and even a Blastoise Homer. All of Thompson's mash-up creations are available at ThumbsDesign via Etsy.


(Image: Nick Thompson)

Thompson created more than 20 mash-ups of the two shows' characters.

His e-store sells trading cards, badges, pins and stickers – pretty much everything you need to be one of the coolest 1990s kids at recess.

As a die-hard Pokémon fan, Thompson used only first generation Pokémon characters, which many fans view as the best.

When Ralph meets Psyduck

The funniest mash-ups at the site include Ghastly Maud Flanders and Arcanwillie, the improbable mash-up of the powerful Arcanine with the pathetic Willie.

The mash-ups also offer a great way to refresh your memory of Pokémon characters before the new Pokémon Sun and Moon video game is released on November 23.

The designer has many other collections for sale at his website, including mash-ups of such pop culture hits as Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.

The site is truly a fanboy's Ali Baba cave.

A photo posted by T H U M B S (@thumbs1) on

A photo posted by T H U M B S (@thumbs1) on

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