'Pokémon' Animated Series To Celebrate Its 1,000th Episode


In 2017, the Pokémon animated series celebrated two major landmarks proving, once and for all, that it's pretty much indestructible.

Earlier this year, the cartoon hit twenty years in existence (gulp), with the first ever episode airing way back on April 1, 1997; now, the series is buckling up to celebrate its 1000th episode. 

(Photo: TV Tokyo)

The special Pokémon Sun and Moon episode will air on November 9 and is set to star one of the 151 original Pokémon. For the occasion, Hypno, first seen in season one then later in season five, will be making a grand return. 

In Japan, Pokémon fans will also be given the chance to get their hands on a bunch of limited edition merch. Up for grabs are a Pikachu-edition Nintendo 2DS and two new editions of the "Sun" and "Moon" games. There will also be a Blu-ray release of the latest film in the franchise and collectors figurines. 

All this will be made available during an event in Tokyo's Sunshine City Fountain Square, held the day the 1,000th episode airs, also set to feature Japanese comedians. 

Basically, it's going to be a Pokéversary like there's never been one before. 

(Photo: Otakomu)