This Photoshop Fail Of Paris Is Cracking Up The Internet

Ahh Paris, with its pastel sunsets, stunning mountainscapes, winding wooden stairways and untamed woodlands... Well, at least that's the image of the French capital that this travel inspiration site is trying to sell. 

On November 11, the folks at ItsTravelVibes took to Twitter to share a surreal snap, clearly photoshopped by someone who has literally never seen a picture of Paris before. 

Of course, it didn't take long for the internet to react, with the magical photo being shared thousands of times across the world.

What's more, thanks to the inexhaustible hub of creativity that is social media, many have taken to sharing their own imaginative renderings of the City of Light. 

As such, we can see everything from those classic Parisian commutes through the Swiss Alps to underwater metro stations. Basically, it's the internet at its best. Well let you appreciate the reaction in its full glory below:

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