Oscars Stats Show How Little Women Speak In Movies

A study based around the Oscars best picture winners over 25 years has revealed the huge gap between the amount of words given to male and female characters in some of Hollywood's biggest movies. While we were already aware that women are generally less present in film, the results reveal that female characters are also given much less dialogue.

(Photo: Fox Searchlight)

The data, gathered by The Pudding and logged by the BBC, is based around on male and female parts with more than 100 words in Oscar-winning movies from 1991 to 2016.

While women have clearly done much less talking than men on the big screen over the years, it might surprise you to note that films like Schindler's List, The Return of the King and The Hurt Locker featured virtually no female characters with a significant amount of dialogue (although the latter was at least made by a woman).

The most shocking takeaway of all, however, is the fact that very little evolution took place over the 25 years covered in the study. American Beauty, Silence of the Lambs and Birdman offered the most female dialogue of the bunch but were all still greatly outweighed by male dialogue. Ironically, the latest best picture winner The Shape of Water features a mute female lead. Those inclusion riders are sounding better by the minute...

(Image: BBC)

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