'Interstellar' Consulting Physicist Wins Nobel Prize

On Tuesday, October 3rd, the Nobel Prize committee handed out awards to three leading physicists, Raider Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne, for their work on gravitational waves. While all three are big names in the world of physics, the third of the bunch is known across the world for his original CV.

Because, after specializing in his subject for over thirty years, Kip S. Thorne is also recognised for sharing his expertise with certain Hollywood big shots, most notably working alongside Christopher Nolan on Interstellar

Kip Thorne and Christopher Nolan. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Hired as a technical adviser on the movie, Thorne's job was to turn the world of "abstruse physics into gripping filmmaking," as Time reports.

In fact, it was largely thanks to the physicist that we were able to see Matthew McConaughey's character 'save the day.' But, most of all, Kip Thorne helped the filmmaker realise the movie's black hole, using real equations to depict what would happen if a team of space travellers ventured too close to one. 

As Thorne explained afterwards, he could have delivered two scientific articles based purely on his work on the film. You can watch the two men at work in this fascinating making-of clip centred around the science of Interstellar. Congrats, Kip!

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