4 Stereotypical Movies That Would Be Dragged If They Were Released Today

In today's more woke world, there is almost no tolerance for lazy slip ups and politically incorrect stances. This is why Hollywood is having a much harder time getting away with the stereotypical representations they bombarded us with in the past. 

The world has evolved way past the days where extrapolations were used for comic value. In this day and age, people would struggle to find the comic value in crossing boundaries and being disrespectful towards race, gender or sexuality. 

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On that note, here are four films that are guilty of this and definitely wouldn't get a pass if they were released today:

Mean Girls

Even though this movie is a classic, they dropped the ball with the whole 'Africa is a country' thing. We kind of picked up that Cady and her family were from Africa because it was mentioned only a billion times, but where in Africa? Also, Cady speaking Swahili to the first black people she saw... cringe! 

Bringing Down The House 

In this weak romantic comedy, every single white person is prim and proper, whilst every single black person is from the hood or a criminal. How original! 

Coming To America

Given the success of the film, its flawed depiction of Africa is still what uninformed Americans think happens on the entire continent today. Although it gets a pass for valuing female intelligence and independence over subservience, the forced accents, ridiculous wardrobe and general 'Africanness' is still a big no. 

White Chicks

Although the movie in general kind of takes the piss out of white people, it was funny until they said the 'N' word because "no one's around". We really don't need that kind of energy out there!

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