Watch The Pilot For Issa Rae's New Web Series 'MILK + HONEY'

Issa Rae became a popular name last year thanks to her hit show, Insecure. The HBO series was wildly successful, scoring 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and putting her in the public eye.

But her company, Issa Rae Presents, keeps pushing boundaries and creating new content online. On the same day the teaser for the second season of Insecure was released, Issa Rae also released the trailer for a web series called "MILK + HONEY."

The series, produced by Idris Elba and Brown Paper Dolls, follows four black women living in Los Angeles as they navigate their love lives and professional careers. 

(Photo: Issa Rae)

(Photo: Issa Rae)

The new season is a continuation of the original series that started in 2011 before Issa took a few years off for other projects. But now, as the site says, it is "back like we never left."

The series features Lance Gross, Boris Kodjoe, Debbie Allen and lots more. In the pilot called "You Still Have to Work the Soil," Nia (Asha Kamali) bombs her acting class and crashes her car, then calls Will (Ric Shaffran) to bail her out. Harper (Alex Lavelanet) gets caught in a sticky situation when her boss comes to pick her up while the girls move into their new home.

Watch the pilot below:

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