Michael Dapaah Released An Official Video For His Viral Hit, 'Mans Not Hot'

"Mans Not Hot" has been an integral cog in the pop culture machine in 2017. The saying became a viral sensation when British comedian Michael Dapaah freestyled on BBC Extra's Fire in the Booth and, following the success of the skit, converted the freestyle into an official song under the name Big Shaq.

(Photo: YouTube/BBC Extra)

While Fire in the Booth has hosted many renowned rappers such as Giggs, Bugzy Malone and even Migos, Michael Dapaah’s freestyle is the second of its kind purely for jokes after Roll Safe’s in 2015.

The hilarious freestyle featured Michael Dapaah playing the role of Big Shaq and MC Quakes, an aspiring UK rapper who thinks he can rap but doesn’t realize how bad he is, continuously missing the beat with wack lines. Shaq then takes over, and spits fire in the booth playing on typical roadman stereotypes such as speaking in excessive slang and wearing puffy coats because "mans not hot!"

The official music video was released yesterday. It shows Big Shaq in Miami, with his mandem all in puffy jackets on the strip of South Beach. DJ Khaled, Lil Yachty and others also made cameos in the video making it even more interesting to watch! Watch the video for "Mans Not Hot" below: 

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