McDonald’s Apologizes After Szechuan Sauce Stunt Goes Wrong


Last week, we learned that the world's biggest fast-food chain McDonald's was set to bring back its special Szechuan sauce for one day only in (very) limited supplies.

First released in 1998 to promote Mulan, the sauce has come back into style in a major way since it was referenced in season three of Rick and Morty. Capitalizing on the trend, McD's re-launched the iconic sauce on Saturday at select outlets across the US. Unfortunately, however, things didn't go quite to plan. 

(Image: Adult Swim)

While fans were able to check which locations would be stocking the sauce in advance, turning up on the day, many were gutted to find that restaurants had been stocked with as few as 20 packets. Some outlets didn't even receive their batches.

Gathering in front of the McDonald's in question, crowds of fans waved banners and chanted "We want sauce," as demonstrated by a number of tweets. Police were called to a number of restaurants, with one video showing them restraining an angry mob of Rick and Morty fans.

After the hashtag #GiveUsTheSauce started making rounds online, McDonald's made its official apologies on Twitter in a message promising a better-organized return of the sauce soon. So don't invest your life savings at online sauce auctions just yet...