Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg Parody 'Ghost' To Promote Their Cooking Show

We all remember the iconic scene between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost when that pottery session turned ultra sexy.

So now, swap out the clay on the pottery wheel for chocolate, and replace Demi and Swayze with ultimate homemaker Martha Stewart and cannabis pro Snoop Dogg, and you get the teaser for season 2 of their new VH1 cooking show.

The concept for the show is pretty simple. The two stars take to the kitchen together, along with prestigious guests, to come up with delicious weed-based concoctions for your viewing pleasure. 

The first season featured Seth Rogen, Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa – all coming together to add some serious spice to Martha Stewart's classic recipes. The show is back in October with even more love, even more dorky jokes, and lots of recipes ideal for the stoner homemakers in all of us.