A Live Action Pokémon Movie Could Be On The Cards

The Pokémon phenomenon is not about to go away. The Pokémon Go app is a huge hit with millions of users worldwide, and Legendary studios could be on the verge of getting the theatrical rights to the Pokemon universe and make a live action movie from it.

It would be a pretty lucrative idea and a fashionable one too since Disney started freshening up its classic cartoons catalogue with live action versions of Tarzan or Cinderella.

The idea is to adapt the Pokémon world, focusing on Ash and Pikachu. Although no deal has yet been reached (Legendary is part of a Chinese conglomerate with which the Japanese rights holders are reluctant to negotiate), Deadline states that the negotiations are still on track.

The purchase process has been facilitated by the massive success of the Pokémon Go app, released early July. This success could see the prices of the movie rights hit the roof.

Launched in 1996, the Pokémon game has sold nearly 279 million units worldwide. The commercial potential for  a film adaptation is therefore tremendous, although the five Pokemon animations, produced by Warner Bros, have not been doing that great at the box office in the US: the most successful of them only reached the $85 million profit mark.

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