Listen To The Wonderfully Retro Soundtrack Of 'Stranger Things'


When picking the tunes to accompany the spooky, supernatural adventures of Mike and friends, the Duffer brothers took very special care. With the help of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, two of the four members of Austin synth act Survive, the score to Stranger Things was nothing less than excellent.

Both huge Giorgio Moroder fans, inspired by the songs featured in John Carpenter's movies, the two musicians conjured up a dark, ambient and fantastically vintage score, creating what Rolling Stone magazine describes as "TV's creepiest sound."

Of course, the series also featured no end of 80s tracks, including Jefferson Airplane ("She Has Funny Cars", "White Rabbit"), Toto's "Africa", the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" as well as classics from Foreigner and Corey Hart.

We'll let you lap up the retro goodness right here with this Spotify playlist, uploaded by Netflix.

And because the list strangely doesn't include any of Survive's original tracks, here you go:

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