LaVar Ball & Sons Sign On For Exclusive Facebook Reality Series

Soon enough, you'll be able to live vicariously through the Big Baller family.

Lavar Ball - the braggadocious, controversy seeking father of the basketball phenom Ball boys - has announced that his family has signed a deal with Facebook for an exclusive reality show to stream on the social media site. 

LaVar is about to hop into all of our Facebook News Feeds like:

(via Giphy)

(via Giphy)

As you can tell from the Gif above, LaVar Ball loves nothing more in this life than to swagger in front of the cameras.

While the story should be about how insanely gifted his three kids are with a basketball in their hands, LaVar often hijacks the narrative, eclipsing his kids and inserting himself as the center of attention. That's never a good look for a parent. 

Regardless, America is quick to fall in love with colorful personalities, and every controversial utterance that comes out of LaVar's mouth instantly sets social media ablaze.

Lonzo Ball was just drafted #2 overall by the L.A. Lakers, and his younger brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo are working their way towards NCAA basketball (and probably NBA) careers. With the new Facebook reality show about the Ball family, it seems we may just have the basketball version of the Kardashians upon us, ladies and gentlemen.

(Photo: Richard Mackson/USA Today)

(Photo: Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports)

Facebook giving the green-light to a reality series about the Ball family seems like it's a massive coup for LaVar.

After his ludicrous $1 billion demand from sneaker companies for a package endorsement deal for all three of his sons was laughed at, LaVar decided to launch his own sneaker and apparel company - the Big Baller Brand. Lonzo Ball's signature Big Baller sneaker - the Z02 - is set at an outlandish price point of $495, and won't even start shipping until late November.

So in order to keep his ambitious independent brand afloat, LaVar Ball is going to need all the promotion he can get. No concrete details have been released about the series as of yet, but it's confirmed that Facebook users will be seeing (or scrolling past) lots more Big Baller content in the coming months.

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