Lady Gaga Could Play Ursula In 'The Little Mermaid'

Lady Gaga has experienced resounding success following the release of A Star is Born, the new event movie from Bradley Cooper. With this musical drama, the singer has demonstrated her talent as an actress, and is now reinventing herself in the world of cinema. Buoyed by this new success, the star has now been tipped to appear in the live action version of The Little Mermaid which Disney is currently preparing. She could play Ursula, the baddie who steals Ariel's voice in exchange for transforming her into a human, as Disinsider reports:

(© FX/Disney)

"We have heard from multiple sources, that music superstar Lady Gaga is high on Disney’s wish list for a role in the film. Most likely the role of Ursula. While we haven’t been able to confirm any of this. We’ve decided to share it as a rumor and nothing more."

In the animated film from Disney, the witch has her moment of glory, singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls", which we can imagine Lady Gaga doing a pretty good job of.

Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda will be in charge of composing the music for the film, adding new songs. Meanwhile, Rob Marshall (who filmed the new Mary Poppins) will direct a screenplay written by Jane Goldman (X-Men: Days Of Future Past).

The movie is set to be filmed in Puerto Rico and in Cape Town. We should know more by the end of the year. While we wait, we'll leave you with "Poor Unfortunate Souls" to get you in the mood:

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