Kit Harington's Brutal April Fool's Prank On His Fiancé Left Her In Tears

In between filming of Game of Thrones, it seems Kit Harington has scraped together enough time to star in brand new mini-series Gunpowder.

On the promo trail for his latest show, the actor dropped by the Jonathan Ross Show to share a few anecdotes alongside co-star Liv Tyler. In one hair-raising tale, Harington describes how he drove his fiancé Rose Leslie to tears after a particularly brutal April Fool's prank.

Sharing footage of Leslie's reaction to the prank, we see her open the door to the fridge... to find an exact replica of her husband-to-be's severed head on the top shelf. As Harington explains: "It didn't go down well."

In fact, it went down so badly that Leslie threatened to leave him if he ever pulled a similar prank. And we have to say, we don't exactly blame her. Check out the story just below: