Can You Spot All The Movie References Hidden In This 'Gremlins' Poster?


A couple of years ago, the folks at Popcorn Garage challenged us to find 66 movie references in one single image. No mean feat, sure, but today artist Kevin M. Wilson has gone above and beyond with his Gremlins poster unveiled at this year's Comic-Con in New York. 

As Gizmodo reports, the sneak has hidden no fewer than 84 cinema references into one illustration. And, honestly, we're struggling to find half that amount.

To check it out in more detail, click here. (Image: Kevin M. Wilson/Ape Meets Girl)

Because beyond the most eye-grabbing ones – like Wilson, Chucky or Freddy Krueger's glove – the rest of the objects are very subtly placed. Can you spot Luke's lightsaber, for example? Or Alien's facehugger? Yup, it's not easy. 

So, best of luck to you. We've offered both versions of the poster, in slightly different colors, if that makes things any easier. And if you really can't take it anymore, you can check out the answer key right here.

In a different color, if that helps (Image: Kevin M. Wilson / Ape Meets Girl)