Kendrick Lamar Hints At Upcoming Fourth Album On Instagram

Kendrick Lamar is taking the music world by storm once again. With no warning, the California rapper posted a mysterious photo on Instagram in the middle of the night last night:

The image, which now has over 16,000 comments, is of a Roman numeral IV on a dark background. There's no caption with it, and the other surprise is Kendrick Lamar removed all other posts from his account except for that one.

While this strategy certainly piques our curiosity, it's not a total mystery. Two years since his incredible To Pimp a Butterfly, fans are speculating that this is an announcement that he's about to release a fourth album.

It's a reasonable guess, because in a recent interview with T Magazine, Lamar said putting out his new album was "very urgent" considering the current political situation. As an artist who has always used his music to denounce racial injustice, the urgency makes sense.

It sounds like Donald Trump's presidency, increasing police violence and rampant racism have sped up his writing process, bringing his fourth album to fruition sooner than expected.

No release date has been announced for the upcoming album.

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