'Multiracial Women Only' – Kanye West In Hot Water For Yeezy Season 4 Casting Call

Kanye West can't seem to keep his Yeezy Boost-clad foot out of his mouth.

(Source: Elle)

The fourth installment of his Yeezy premium streetwear line will debut on September 7th during New York's Fashion Week. But ahead of the launch, Kanye did what he seems to do best: stir up a whole 'lotta controversy.

At first, the casting call may come across as innocuous, even empowering, with its insistence on models sans makeup – "COME AS YOU ARE." But at second glance, the odd specificity of the ethnic preference for the call can read as problematic.

Sure, one can interpret it along the lines of affirmative action, granting casting preference to minority, non-white women. But at the same time, is that giving Kanye too much benefit of the doubt? Many have taken the "multiracial" insistence as a not-so-subtle exclusion of women who have darker complexions.

At this point in his career, there can be no doubting Kanye West's immense creative genius, both as a musician and a still-budding (but incredibly successful) entrepreneur and brand marketer.

His penchant for Twitter rants and the occasional rambling Awards show speech can leave the casual onlooker scratching their head and quickly disillusioned.

(Source: Wenner Media)

But we all have to appreciate his ability to ceaselessly generate new headlines and a ridiculous amount of controversy (Kanye-troversy?) and chatter in the social media sphere; many would crumble under the scrutiny that every word he utters receives.

He is, perhaps, the greatest strategist of our time as far as maintaining relevancy, whether you consider what comes out of his expansive mind radically progressive or sadly regressive.

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